Waterproof Industrial Endoscope Inspection Camera | 1080p HD Borescope Camera with Adjustable LED Lights

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Looking to inspect a hard to see area on your car? Are you looking to find a blockage in your pipe? Maybe you need to retrieve a dropped item from a tight space? We designed our Waterproof Inspection Camera to solve all of these issues!

  • State-Of-The-Art Camera With 12 Month Manufacturer Warranty! Our inspection camera uses a 5.5mm (0.216") fiber optic cable that is small enough to get into and inspect even the hardest to reach places. The semi-rigid cable effortlessly bends into and holds any shape. The camera transmits instant feedback directly to you in crisp high resolution 1080p HD video on a 4.3" IPS screen.
  • We Don’t Skimp on Battery Power! Our new and improved battery lasts you 3-4 hours on the job. Once you're done, simply recharge it with any USB charger (charger cable included). We also include a 16GB memory card that stores pictures or videos that you can upload to a computer and send to clients, coworkers, family or friends.
  • Waterproof High-Intensity LED's! Our bore scope is IP67 waterproof down to 3 ft for 30 minutes. 6 high-intensity adjustable LED's help you light up even the darkest spaces. The accessory pack includes a hook, magnet, 45-degree mirror and protector attachments for the camera that helps to retrieve items from tight spots.
  • Hundreds of Applications! Great tool or gift for DIY'ers, mechanics, plumbers, HVAC technicians, QA/QC inspectors, home owners, and more! Great for automotive car repair, toilet plumbing pipe fixes, mechanical inspections, running wall cables, internal cylinder inspections, etc.
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee and 12 Month Manufacturer Warranty! We hope you never need us, but if you do, American Mutt Tools customer service is here to help you out. Your endoscope comes with the assurance of knowing you can contact us anytime you have a question.

    User Manual (PDF)


    Battery Type: Rechargeable 3000mah Lithium-Ion
    Camera Diameter: 5.5mm (0.216")
    Connection Type: USB
    Country of Origin: China
    Focal Length: 5" - 6"
    IP Rating: IP67
    Specifications Met: CE, RoHS
    Video Capture Resolution: 1080p
    Warranty: 1 Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty

    Always wear approved eye protection. Do NOT use on energized circuits. Do NOT probe moving machinery. NOT for personal or medical use.

    The monitor says "No Signal" when the USB camera is plugged in.
    Ensure the USB Camera is fully plugged into the unit. If the USB connector is not plugged in all the way, the monitoring unit will report that it can't connect to the camera. Push the USB connector fully back into place and it will correct this problem. Please contact us if this problem persists.

    The cable size I want is not in stock, but the replacement cable for that size is. Why can't I order the size I want with all of the components?
    Currently, our inspection cameras are sold as a set with the option to purchase extra or replacement camera cables. Due to current supply chain constraints, we are not able to offer an "a-la-carte" service at this time.

    Why doesn't the picture seem very clear when inspecting a closed space?
    Adjust the brightness of the lights to clear up the image. Using the camera with the lights at a medium intensity will usually result in the clearest image.

    What is the outer diameter of the camera?
    The endoscope camera has an outer diameter of 5.5mm (0.216”).

    Can I use this camera to inspect sewer lines in the basement or is 3 feet deep the max?
    It depends on the depth of standing water in your sewer lines. The American Mutt Tools Endoscope camera is currently only waterproof in up to 3ft of standing water for 30 minutes. The plastic handheld controller with the screen is not waterproof.

    What is the camera focal length?
    5" - 6"

    Does the camera come with a charger?
    Yes, this product does come with a USB charging cable that you can use to charge your endoscope. However, it does not come with a wall outlet charger. You can also charge the camera by connecting it to your computer.

    What size is the lithium-ion battery?
    The camera uses a rechargeable 3000mah Lithium-Ion Battery.

    Why is the mirror hazy?
    The mirror attachment ships with a protective film cover. Please remove the protective film before using the inspection mirror.

    Where is this product made?
    Our inspection camera is professionally manufactured in China.

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