How we got our start?

At American Mutt Tools, we are dedicated to empowering DIYers and construction professionals to tackle even the toughest tasks with confidence and ease. Our tools are carefully crafted to provide the reliability and durability needed to handle any job, from small home improvement projects to large-scale construction sites.


What makes our products unique?

Often, it’s the small touches that leave the most lasting impression. We go out of our way to ensure that each customer has a fantastic experience with each of our products.


Why we love what we do?

No matter if it’s a home, a garage, or a construction site, our products help our customers build the world. Knowing that our tools go on to help improve the lives of others is why we love what we do.



Our Core Values

Intense Customer Focus

Often, in the end, it’s the small touches that leave the most lasting impression with a customer. Leaders go out of our way to ensure every customer has that impression.



Leaders have a sense of ownership for everything that they do. No task is beneath them. They work with a sense of urgency and relentlessly deliver quality results.


Hire and Develop Great People

Leaders understand that in order to be great, we must hire great people. We are constantly raising the bar with each new hire and each new project. Leaders hire leaders and develop leaders.


Goliath is Always in Range of a Good Slingshot

Leaders think big and act nimble. They set bold audacious goals and understand that progress often masquerades as trouble. Leaders see through the storm and refuse to fall victim to analysis paralysis.


Build the World

We help build the world through our products and our people. We strive to be a force for good and to improve the lives of others.




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